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For anglers who do not wish to compromise on quality

About us

Since catching my first ever carp in the early '80s, carp fishing has grown into the primary passion of my life, prompting me to steer clear of the comforts of my home to spend countless hours on the banks of lakes and rivers searching for the next bite.  In 2018, I took a year out from work to travel around Europe as a full-time carp angler.  My trip led to Hungary and Gyékényes, where I feel I found my home and where I have set up my business called Carp Man Abroad.


 With nearly 40 years of carp fishing behind me, I have seen every trend that has come and gone, and I know that the purpose of selling most merchandise is to fool fishermen, rather than catch more carp.  Carp Man Abroad is based on the concept of helping anglers catch carp by selling the highest quality products.  We only sell products that I personally use, or are used by experienced anglers that I know and whose opinions I respect.


 If you buy from Carp Man Abroad, you can be sure that you will get a product that is backed by 40 years of experience.

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If you have any questions about our products or just want information, please send me a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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