From the early days of using particles as carp baits, anglers tried to create a unique attractor by adding flavours and sweeteners to increase their appeal. Here at Carp Man Abroad, we produce a range of prepared nuts and seeds, including added attractants, however, we can prepare any of our particles with the flavours and attractors of your choice.


The particles are first rinsed with clean water and then soaked in the added flavour and / or attractor for 24 hours before cooking. The cooked particles are then vacuum packed or sealed a bait bucket while still warm.


If a mixture of particles is prepared, each is cooked separately to ensure optimal cooking time. They are then mixed before packagin



Contact us with your requirements for prices and delivery dates.



TIP 1: Every carp angler knows how much carp love tiger nuts, but carp are not able to digest them completely, so tiny pieces of tigenuts get through their system and are excreted. These little tiger nut particles will be eaten by other carp. The incorporation of chopped or crushed tiger nuts into the nut and seed mixture increases the attractiveness to the carp.



TIP 2: Very few baits are as effective as tiger nuts but for hemp and peanuts, are 2 that carp can become equally obsessed with.



TIP 3: Place low levels of Natures Copy Sweetener on the nuts / seeds.



My favorite mix: 25% hemp, 25% tiger nuts, 20% peanuts, 20% chopped tiger nuts, 10% peanut granules. After cooking, leave for 2-3 days in a sealed container before use before the starch breaks down into natural sugars.