Flavoured Pellets




The creation of an individually flavoured pellet is achieved by spraying the selected liquid additive or flavour onto the pellet in a tumble mixer to ensure a uniform coating.




Choose any combination of pellets, liquids and flavours to create an attraction that is released as soon as the pellet gets into the water or that can last for hours.


Contact us with your requirements for prices and delivery dates.



TIP: Watching the top match anglers showed me the groundbaits are there to attract the fish, NOT to feed them. The top anglers sieve the bait to remove larger particles, leaving a fine powder that the fish can’t eat. The angler adds larger edible elements so the amount can be controlled.

For my own fishing, I use a combination of different sizes of pellets to provide attraction for several hours while minimizing the amount of food available for the carp.


My pellet recipe:

25% 3 mm Premium Plus coated with liquid liver

25% 6 mm Premium Plus coated with liquid liver

25% 4 mm Standard Pellets coated with Mexican Taco oil

25% 4 mm Standard Pellets coated with Mexican Taco oil