The design and rolling part come free of charge when the ingredients are bought from us.

Here at Carp Man Abroad we offers a number of services which allow you to make your own custom boilies. Follow the simple steps below to create personalized boilies.



Method 1


Step 1: Select the baseman from the list.

Step 2: Select dusty additives such as GLM, powdered enhancers / attractants.

Step 3: Select the flavour or flavour combination and liquid additives.

Step 4: Select the colour and size you want.




Method 2


Give us your own recipe and let us remove the hassle of rolling. Please note that small changes to the recipe may be required in order for our equipment to produce a consistent bait.




Method 3


Develop a completely unique bait with us. Choose the ingredients, additives and flavours and we will work together to produce a boilie that meets your needs.


Step 1: Tell us your needs. Fishmeal / bird seeds / nuts / etc. ? Shelf life or frozen? Hard or soft? We can suggest a series of ingredients from which to base the boilie.

Step 2: Select liquid additives and flavours.

Step 3: We will produce a small amount to test in our indoor pool and make a video clip showing the carp’s response.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the proposed bait, we put a small amount through our equipment to optimize the paste and equipment settings and then make a full size batch.

For further information and prices please use the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.