GK1 is a modernized version of a classic recipe that has caught big carp across Europe and the UK since the mid-1980s. It is a fishmeal based boilie that contains 5 different fishmeal as well as balanced proteins, carbohydrates and oils. We use our own Mexican taco oil and Mexican spices to give it a unique flavor profile, which is further enhanced by the low level of plum flavor and flavor enhancers.
The first time it was used for testing was beyond expectations. It became impossible to fish with 2 rods and so I could sleep I didn’t fish at night. Even with a day and 1 stick, it produced nearly 70 carp in a week

The basic idea of GK2 was simple: make a nut and seed-based boilie that contains carp’s most popular boilies to produce a nutrient-balanced source of food. The result is a boilie with tiger nut, peanut and hemp dishes, enriched with our GK2 liquid food and creamy caramel natural flavor. I love making this boilie because it smells so delicious.
During the testing, carp were caught several times within 30 minutes of hook setting. For me, the peak in a week was 3 carp over 20 kg, 1 of which is not famous for one of the big fish in Gyékenyés over 28 kg.

GK3 is the next generation of boilies, designed not only as a nutritionally balanced food source, but also to maximize the digestibility and absorption of carp. It contains more than 20% pre-digested components that provide short-chain or free amino acids and sugars that are easily distributed in the water, giving the carp a clear indication that there is a good source of food nearby. It has long been known that many spices have beneficial effects on the digestive system and other health benefits, so we have produced a blend of many Indian spices that impart an incredible curry odor to the base powders. To further improve digestibility, we do not use eggs or egg powder to make the boilie, as they contain an inhibitor of the main protein-digesting enzyme, trypsin. To complement the pleasing properties of the boilie, we add a combination of appetizing stimulants.
Before using the boilie for fishing, we conducted several observation tests where we placed 2 different boilies on the lake in a place where the carp feel safe and easy to observe. We compared the reactions with combinations of GK1, GK2, and GK3, as well as with another boilie under development. The results were truly surprising. When GK1 and GK2 were placed about 1 meter apart, most carp clearly preferred GK2. However, comparing GK3 to the other 2, carp arriving in each area headed directly for GK3. When all was exhausted, they began digging in gravel and earned more. After only a few minutes of searching, they showed interest in GK1 or GK2.
Ask anyone who has used the GK3 for their opinion and I can almost guarantee that they will say they have never achieved such good results with any other boilie.